Smooth Danny At His Mercy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Danny Bianchi

We all know Master Sean has his own methodology when it comes to owning a submissive little captive like Danny. The molten wax torment of part 1 makes way for the anal ramming of this chapter, with the naked boy bent over and strapped in, his bare butt up for Master to taste. The hardened wax is still falling from the boy’s aching body while Master sinks his long bareback cock between the boy’s spanked cheeks, fucking him hard and fast. There’s enough time to enjoy some head from his obedient captive of course, before diving right back in to make the most of that warm tunnel. Master Sean loves turning his boys into sex toys, using their holes for his cock to ram, and it’s no surprise when the pleasure becomes too much and his semen starts to gush all over the pretty boy’s cute face! Danny obediently slurps the cream from Master’s dick before being returned to his seat. Is it over for the twink? Find out in part 3.