Showered In Gold: Johnny Hill And Luke Hudson


Studio: Kinky Bites
Actors: Luke Hudson, Johnny Hill

Johnny Hill has captured the mischievous leprechaun, Luke Hudson. Luke balances on one leg, bound in rope, blindfolded. Johnny hits him with his leather paddle. He comes from behind and rips Luke’s shirt open. He slaps Luke’s naked chest with the paddle and sticks his leather gloved fingers in his mouth. He rips open Leprechaun Luke’s pants and slaps his big clit with the leather paddle. Luke gets bent over and his ass spanked with it. Next, Johnny pulls out his big hard cock and shoves it down Luke’s throat. After that, Johnny gets a few clothes-pins, attaches them to Luke, and then goes back to fucking his face. Finally Luke is bound in a full rope suspension and gets his pussy fucked deep and hard from behind.