Shia – The Swimmer – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Shia, Jared

Shia has been splayed on a bench for hours, his arms spread and roped, his lean body arched in midair, his legs bent over and bound to a stool. The most sensitive parts of his body – his nipples and pecs, his beautiful navel and his cock and balls – throb in agony, with dozens of clothespins biting into them. His lean, hairless body heaves in pain. He moans and curses, his breath ragged. Jared strokes the clothespins with his whip, making Shia squeal in agony, then removes them, causing even greater pain as blood rushes back into the boy’s damaged flesh. Jared leaves the nastiest clamp on the end of Shia’s cock, then flogs his trembling body, leaving him to suffer alone for several more hours.