Shia – The Swimmer – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Shia, Jared

Blond teen Shia has been held in a concrete room for a week. He has lost track of night and day. His naked, hairless body still shows scars from his brutal beatings, but the welts have lightened significantly. He is roped to a bench face-up, arms spread. His legs are bent over and roped to a stool, displaying his genitals, abs and pecs beautifully. The ropes are tight but he can squirm and flex. His struggling and heavy breathing show off his lean body. Jared, looking ominous under a hood, flogs Shia’s chest and abs, making the boy scream. “Get off me!” he yells as Jared strokes his trembling torso. The boy still has some fight in him! Then Jared clamps two dozen clothespins to Shia’s nipples, pecs, navel and, finally, his balls and cock, sending him to a whole new level of pain. God, he suffers beautifully.