Shia – The Swimmer – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Shia, Jared

High school swimmer Shia struggles against the ropes binding him to the weight bench, his stomach and chest covered with lash wounds. Jared has just finished explaining the situation to him: His beautiful, young body will be tortured for days but no permeant damage will be inflicted; after his scars heal, he’ll be returned home. Given his history of running away from home, no one will believe him if he claims he was kidnapped and tortured. He has no choice but to fulfill this man’s sadistic fantasies — and let him get away with it. Shia looks away in shame as Jared squeezes his cock then cuts off his underwear, leaving him naked and helpless, and screams when Jared yanks a rope wrapped around his cock and balls. His genitals feel like they will be ripped free, his lithe, swimmer’s body arched and trembling as he gasps in pain.