Shia – The Swimmer – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Shia, Jared

Shia, who just turned 18 this month, right before starting his senior year of high school, has a classic swimmer’s build: smooth and lean, boyish but well-muscled. Jared, who was a swimmer at the same high school ten years ago, has been eying Shia for months, from the bleachers at the pool, admiring his pretty face and incredible body, so sexy in a Speedo. Shia sees Jared as an older brother, a mentor, and gladly accepts his invitation to workout at his home gym – a big mistake. Jared has fantasized for months about tying up this boy, stripping him naked and whipping his hairless swimmer’s body, making this young beauty struggle against tight ropes and suffer under the lash. Jared knows no one will believe Shia once the whip wounds heal. He’s just a boy, a troubled youth. And there won’t be any evidence.