Shadow & Dillon Diaz: To The Victor Goes The Spoils

Actors: Dillon Diaz, Shadow

Gladiators Dillon Diaz and Shadow battle for supremacy. Upon Dillon’s humiliating defeat, he is to become the servant of the new champion, Shadow. With his hands bound over his head, Dillon is stripped naked and receives a brutal flogging from Shadow. Next, Shadow moves his new servant into his personal dungeon. He continues to torment Dillon with a hard paddling. Wanting to assert his control with more than just pain, Shadow edges Dillon over and over again, denying him the sweet release of an orgasm every time he gets close. The Champion indulges in eating out his new servant’s ass and then fucks Dillon’s ass and mouth. Shadow orders Dillon to cum on his feet and then lick it off.