Seth Stark – Young And Willing – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Seth Stark

Seth Stark is a strikingly beautiful boy who exists for two reasons only: to be fucked and to be tortured. Seth knows, even at his young age, that he was made to be an object of desire, to suffer, to be displayed and tortured and fucked. Seth has been bound with rope on his back, naked, his legs spread extra wide, his asshole quivering, for hours. His young body is supple and strong but the ropes are very tight and his muscles are cramping. He is covered with nasty welts from several whips. And now he will be fucked, again. Jared starts by inserting several fingers into the boy’s ass, making him moan seductively while biting his lip. Then Jared rams in the dildo and fucks Seth’s stretched asshole nonstop for an hour as the boy writhes, half in pain, half in pleasure.