Seth Stark – Young And Willing – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Seth Stark

Seth Stark moans in agony and pleasure as his tight, yet eager boy hole is fucked, slowly then rapidly then slowly again. Jared slaps Seth’s bulbous ass with an open hand while fucking him then twists and turns the rigid, hard, rubber dildo up-and-down then side-to-side, fucking the blond twink every way possible, turning him into the ultimate fuck boy. Without pausing his fucking for a moment, Jared flogs the naked boy’s ass and back with the same rhythmic power used to fuck him. If you dream of seeing the perfect muscle-twink fucked deep and hard while being whipped, gasping and moaning in ecstasy and agony, this episode is for you. Young Seth’s undulating ass was made to be fucked and whipped.