Seth Stark – Young And Willing – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Seth Stark

After he’s jerked-off, Seth if flipped onto his stomach. Spread-eagled, roped at his wrists and ankles, he is the perfect fuck boy, skin smooth and creamy, ass round and firm, shoulders wide and well formed, tapering down to an impossibly small waist, which he uses to thrust his ass up, begging to be fucked. Seth looks much younger then his 21 years, but his muscular body, the thin beard on his otherwise boyish face and the blond fuzz between his ass cheeks tells us he is a young man, not a mere boy. He wants to be fucked, but first he must be whipped. Jared is slow and vicious with his bullwhip, decorating the boy’s back and ass with two-dozen deep-red welts. Seth loves every lash and shows it. What a perfect piece of boy-ass, whipped and ready to fuck.