Seth Stark – Young And Willing – Chapter 10


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Seth Stark

Seth is exhausted. He hasn’t slept in days; he’s been tightly roped, standing against a bondage apparatus for hours, his lean torso covered with lash marks. Jared works the boy’s cock but it barely gets plump – until he lashes Seth’s chest and stomach with a dozen more slicing blows. The boy cries out in pain with each lash but he also smiles and moans seductively, and his cock, despite his exhaustion, gets rock hard when it’s stroked right after the whipping. Hours later, Seth’s perfect muscle-twink body looks even better, now additionally roped at the waist, across the chest and over both upper thighs. And his cock still gets hard with just a few strokes. Seth’s ordeal of pain, humiliation and sexual slavery is not over. And he couldn’t be happier.