Seth Stark – Young And Willing – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Seth Stark

Blond super-twink Seth Stark has always fantasized about being bound and tortured, used as a sex slave. For years, he refreshed the DreamBoyBondage homepage obsessively on update days, imagining himself, each week, as the young sub being whipped, forced to suck the cock then fucked, his virgin ass rammed mercilessly no matter how hard he begged for mercy. Now, at age 20, his dream comes true. He is driven, blindfolded, wearing nothing but a cutoff shirt and assless briefs, to our secluded mansion, then roped face-up to a king-sized bed. He struggles against the ropes, terrified but turned on. He is in total darkness but knows he is not alone. He feels hands on his body – and his cock. His shirt is ripped off. “Oh, god!” he whispers. Then a whip crashes into his naked flesh.