Sean Makes Full Use Of Taylor – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Taylor Mason

Sean is just about done playing around, he’s ready to make little Taylor spurt his cum and get his own hot jizz gushing from his raging dick, too. He wraps the boy up tight in a straight jacket, which is one of his favourite tools to use to gain control of a twink. With Taylor under his full direction he gets him on the mattress, arse up for some more licking, but soon enough his big cock is plunging in raw and deep. Sean gives the boy some pounding before his need to piss takes over, drenching that fucked hole and soaking his captive! He pisses right into the boy;s hole and rams his cock back in to fuck and wank him some more, spooning the twink and finally ramming him hard on his back. It’s too much for Taylor, his big dick pumps hot cream as the climax fills his restrained body. Sean gets a taste of the goo and it’s enough to have him wanking off in the boy’s mouth, making little Taylor suck his dick clean. With the sack back over his head the boy is once more in storage, ready for whoever wants to use his holes and cock next.