Sean Makes Full Use Of Taylor – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Taylor Mason

Sean is known for not being able to hold back for too long before he’s diving into a boy’s tight little hole, but although he’s not using his cock for that just yet you can bet little Taylor is getting his pucker worked over expertly! Flipped over and with his tight arse up in the air the boy is soon swinging on the platform in the most vulnerable position, his hands and feet roped down. Sean gets to work, eating out that delicious hole, fingering the boy’s snug pucker and sliding toys inside while he takes the opportunity to suck on that dick and balls some more. Taylor is in heaven, his penis dribbles and drips with delight while masterful Sean uses him for his own entertainment, fucking the boy’s mouth a little more. We know what’s coming in part 3!