Sean Gives Gorgeous Oliver A Lesson – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Oliver Wesley

Sure, Sean loves to really play with a captive’s cock, as he did with hot little Oliver in part 1, but you know he really wants to cram his big dick into that tight little hole and properly use the boy. He gets young Oliver up on the stack of pallets and gets to work roping up his feet, the boy’s bulging cock hanging out between his closed thighs. With some face fucking and hole play Sean takes control again, bringing out the toys for that snug pucker to be rammed. His meat can’t wait for long, he plunges his throbbing tool into the twink and uses him, taking breaks to get some more sucking or lick out that wet hole before easing back in again. By the time he’s done he’s giving lucky Oliver a big splashing facial and a taste of that cream, but you all know it’s not gonna be over until Sean has stolen the jizz from that desperate dick.