Sadistic Sean Has Fun With Danny – Part 2


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Danny Bianchi

Cute little Danny endured the pain of pegs and obediently sucked the big meat offered by sadistic Sean in part 1, but can the boy handle that cock in his tight little hole? It’s not like the boy can do anything about it when Sean ties him into position over the hanging bar, his snug little hole at the perfect height for him to use. At least Sean licks him out and applies some lube to make it easier, but it’s still a big piece of fuckmeat invading that tight little twink pucker and the boy is clearly grateful for the break when Sean takes a break to feed the boy his wet dick. Danny might be thankful when he feels that hot cum splashing over his bare arse, but he knows it’s not quite over yet. Stick around for part 3.