Sadistic Sean Has Fun With Danny – Part 1


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Danny Bianchi

Smooth little Danny is no match for a rough dom like Sean, but the way the boy’s uncut cock is throbbing up while Sean positions him up on the scaffolding it seems the young man might be looking forward to what’s coming. He’ll regret thinking that when Sean starts with the painful pegs and nipple clamps. With the boy’s arms and legs roped up tight he gets to work with the pinching, taking time out to climb up and feed the boy his dripping dong. It’s a juicy reward for the twink, he clearly likes it, but it seems Sean is just keeping the twink interested before he tears the pegs away from his bruised flesh. The boy’s cock isn’t hard by the time Sean is done with this opening salvo, but it soon will be again. Stick around for part 2!