Roped Up And Well Used – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Leo Ocean, Sky Heet

Sexy twink Sky has been though a lot but the boy is finally getting the relief he’s so clearly needed for a while. Leo is almost done with his skinny play thing, but there’s just one more task to perform. Roping the boy into the wooden chair he secures the twink tightly, wrapping ropes around his slim chest and tying his hands behind him. He’s entirely at the mercy of the devious dom, but his uncut cock doesn’t seem to mind it. Leo gets to work, wanking his uncut cock, bringing the boy to full hardness with his slippery wet hands, rubbing his sensitive cock and edging him toward an intense climax. The boy’s shaved dick gets so stiff and red, it’s clear he really needs to cum. Finally he’s permitted to unload, semen spewing from his sensitive helmet to splash out over the dirty floor, bringing his torment to a sticky end.