Roped Up And Well Used – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Leo Ocean, Sky Heet

Gorgeous little Sky has barely had a chance to catch his breath before kinky boy Leo is securing the cuffs on his ankles and wrists, positioning him on the bench and roping his feet and arms up to splay him out. It’s one of the most vulnerable positions for a boy to be in and Sky immediately feels it, his tight little hole right there for the taking. Leo gives him a taste first, revealing his hard uncut cock and demanding the boy suck it. Sky dutifully complies, the shaft fucking his mouth while his own cock dribbles and drools pre onto his stomach. With his boner throbbing and wet Leo heads south, easing his helmet between those twinky cheeks and thrusting into his captive play thing, fucking him for a while before heading back up for some more delicious head. Leo can’t decide which hole is better, swapping from one to the other to fully use his prisoner, finally using the boy’s arse to get him off, pumping his smooth little butt until he’s ready to drench the boy’s cock with his thick cream! Sticky with juice Sky is released, but it’s not over for the boy yet.