Roommates: Kyler Drayke And Tristan West

Actors: Tristan West, Kyler Drayke

Kyler Drayke is having problems with his roommate Tristan West. Tristan is constantly using Kyler’s stuff without asking first. Finally, Kyler has had enough and decides to teach his thieving roommate a lesson. Tristan gets taken down and tied-up so Kyler can have his way manhandling him. Kyler slaps Tristan’s body and face while constantly rubbing their hard cocks together. Tristan gets clothespins placed all over his body and then has them brutally slapped off. Kyler grabs a zapper and shocks his roommate in the most sensitive areas. Next, Tristan is suspended in rope bondage from the bed and made to suck Kyler’s massive dick. The torment continues with Tristan now tied on his back laying on the bed. Kyler enters and thrashes his roommate with the flogger. Tristan tries to apologize and claim he won’t use Kyler’s stuff anymore. But Kyler isn’t convinced and pours hot wax on Tristan’s tender flesh. Tristan gets his tight asshole pounded deep by Kyler’s huge cock.