Punishing Sexy Young Justin – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Justin Tiempo

With his super fit young twin body wrapped up tight in black plastic, with tape over his mouth and a mask over his eyes he almost looks like a kinky superhero! Master Kane secures his captive against the cross and positions a vibrating massager against his uncut penis and plump balls while he exposes the boy’s nipples and torments him. The twink is leaking juice and Master can’t help but wank and suck his juicy dick to make him sling his ropes of hot youthful cum in a great release, before taking some humiliating photos to send to all his dom daddy pals. No doubt they’ll all want to borrow his plaything for their own session, but in the meantime Master Kane has some anal play to enjoy. Stick around for part 3!