Pumping For Promotion Part 4 – Seamus O’Reilly, Dale Savage


Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: O’Reilly, Dale Savage

After stretching Seamus O’Reilly to the absolute limits with his hefty fists, Dale Savage leads his employee to a private conference room. Seamus knows he needs to give a little to his boss to climb the corporate ladder, so he gets down to take another taste of Dale’s big cock. It’s clear to Seamus that Dale wants his hole abused and he bends his boss over to give him what he wants. Seamus gloves up and greases his hands before getting forearm deep into Dale’s wrecked crack. Dale wants his cock serviced at the same time and rolls onto his back so Seamus can continue to do his thing. The young stud continues plunging Dale’s asshole with his fist as he sucks the big daddy cock at the same time. Dale moans out with each thrust and slurp from Seamus, begging for everything to go deeper and harder. The two switch up positions until Dale gets on his back, ass up, so that Seamus can really have his way. Seamus alternates fists in the nearly-spent daddy and makes Dale agree to a promotion, a raise, and an all-expense paid vacation before Dale shoots his load with Seamus’ fist still planted squarely in his wrecked and throbbing asshole. Seamus may have just found the perfect way to get everything he wants while working in the office.