Pumping For Promotion Part 3 – Seamus O’Reilly, Dale Savage

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Seamus O’Reilly, Dale Savage

Seamus O’Reilly is on the toilet at work jacking off to a dirty magazine when his boss, Dale Savage, walks in and catches him with his fat dick in his hand. Dale isn’t too happy, but when Seamus accidentally calls his boss Daddy, Dale softens up and is more than happy to give Seamus a pass on this one indiscretion. Dale sees his opportunity and gets on his knees to service the ginger hunk’s big and thick cock. Seamus want to thank his boss for being so lenient, so Dale opens his pants and Seamus takes the big daddy dick down his open throat. When Dale is rock-hard, he’s ready to dive into Seamus’ gaping hole face first. He bends his subordinate over the sink and rims his ass to open him up before he gets Seamus out on the table on his hands and knees to plunge his fist wrist-deep inside. Seamus’ hole opens wide for Dale’s giant fist but Seamus wants it even deeper. He squats down on Dale’s forearm and rides it up and down until he’s ready for one last go with Dale in charge. Dale splays Seamus out on the table with his legs in the air and slams his hand inside the stud’s busted hole one more time. He continues to stretch out Seamus’ ass until Seamus blasts a creamy white load all over his fire crotch.