Pumping For Promotion Part 2

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Sherman Maus, Josh MikaelĀ 

After taking a double fisting for his possible promotion, Josh Mikael finds himself back in the position of needing to please his boss. This time, Sherman Maus is teaching a lesson about giving just as much as you get. If Josh does a good job with this session, he may just find himself with a brand new promotion. The pressure is on, and Josh slips on his gloves and warns Sherman that his fists are a bit big. With a whole lot of lube and some expertise fingering, Josh opens Sherman up before he slips his fist wrist deep inside his boss. Sherman takes it all and rolls over onto his back to look Josh in the eye as Josh continues slipping him the fist. Josh alternates hands going faster and deeper with each punch-fuck to Sherman’s busted hole. Josh gets a fist and a half in at the same time before Sherman hops on to ride his employee’s arm. Sherman wants one last go on Josh to let him prove his worth to the company. As a grand finale, the two hunks shove a fist up each other’s holes and slide in wrist deep until Sherman dumps a load all over his big, hairy cock. Josh’s promotion hangs in the balance. Did he pump deep enough to get the new job?