Pumping For Promotion Part 1


Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Sherman Maus, Josh Mikael

Josh Mikael is looking for a promotion but when his boss, Sherman Maus, expresses his reluctance to help him out, Josh thinks outside the box and offers up a bit more to convince Sherman he’s the man for the job. Sherman admits he needs to relieve some stress and doesn’t waste a second getting between Josh’s legs to take his extra thick cock down his throat. Josh really needs this promotion and is eager to please his boss. “I’ll do anything to get this!” Josh exclaims. Sherman puts his employee to the test and when he’s done nursing on Josh’s cock, he offers up his pole for Josh to taste. Josh sucks on his boss’ massive pole before he bends over to offer up his tight hole to be used. Sherman slides his thick cock deep into Josh’s cavern and pumps away until he decides to really test his employee’s limits. Sherman gloves up and slaps his hands into a vat of grease before slamming his fist into Josh’s used-up ass. Josh can take anything you throw his way and Sherman puts him to the test by alternating closed fists into Josh’s sloppy hole. Sherman punch-fucks the gaping hole and double fists the begging hunk until his rosebud pops out and he blasts himself with cum. Josh may have pleased his boss, but he hasn’t nabbed his promotion just yet.