Professor’s Nightmare

Actors: Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Derek Kage is a big shot university professor who has a lot of sway on campus, but disgruntled student Lane Colten sees him for who he really is: a cock-hungry submissive little slut and he plans to take full advantage of the situation to get his grade changed to an ‘A’. Lane is very unhappy about the low grade Mr. Kage gave him on a challenging project so he decides to take matters into his own hands by threatening to expose the truth about Derek’s kinky perverted desires. Professor Kage tries to dissuade Lane by saying he will go to the disciplinary board but he is determined to have his way with Derek no matter what. Lane takes total control and demands Derek get on his hands and knees and crawl to him. For the rest of the day Mr. Kage is at the mercy of Lane Colten’s outrageous sexual demands. Tied up tight with rope, Derek must worship Lane and do whatever he says. Turns out Mr. Kage is a cock hungry slut and craves his big meaty cock however he can get it. Lane teases him by letting Derek smell his leather pants and after, making him beg for it finally unsheathes his thick dick for Derek to devour. Lane’s cock grows bigger and harder as he crams it deep down Derek’s throat, making him choke and gag. Then Lane discovers Derek’s pathetic flaccid dick and delivers some treacherous humiliation and CBT. To keep Derek’s mind off of his sad little cock, Lane encases it in a chastity cage and beats him with the crop to keep him humble then fucks his mouth some more. Now standing up tied to his desk, Mr. Kage is gagged and drooling like a helpless bitch. Lane whips him with the flogger on his back, belly, ass, and thighs and orders him to stick his tiny chastity cage covered cock out so he can strike it down. He groans and moans and his skin turns red with marks and welts but all the while Mr. Kage seems to like all this suffering. In the next scene Derek is tied up and bent over the desk ready for some hot action. Lane fucks Derek’s tight ass thoroughly over the desk, against the wall, and then tosses him like a ragdoll onto the floor and pounds his ass harder with that meaty cock until he shoots a huge load all over his face. As Lane is leaving poor Professor Kage begs to cum too but Lane says no and reminds him to change his grade to an ‘A’ or else! Alone in his office, Mr. Kage jerks off while grasping the rope that bound him earlier until he cums all over himself.