Please Use Me, Sir!

Actors: Danny Wilcoxx, Pierce Paris

Today is Danny Wilcoxx’s day in the dungeon. He has been given the name 375 and the task of pleasing Pierce Paris. Does he truly understand what will be expected from him today? Pierce greets him with the flogger. An eager Danny responds by kissing and licking his armpits. Pierce orders him to strip naked. The flogger stings across Danny’s bare, pink hairless chest. Danny’s round ass also gets the treatment. Pierce orders Danny to bend over, he wants to see that hole. He spreads Danny’s ass cheeks wide to see Danny’s tight little hole. Pierce can’t help himself, he licks Danny’s butthole, pushing his tongue inside. Pierce regains his composure and orders his slave on to his knees to suck his cock. Pierce’s meaty member fills Danny’s little mouth. Suck it harder! Danny feels the flogger stinging his back, but he keeps sucking. Pierce’s cock is rock hard now and he orders Danny to sit on it. Danny slides his ass down on the cock like he’s been doing it his whole life and gyrates his ass on Pierce’s lap. Before he can satisfy his master, Danny makes the mistake of looking into Pierce’s eyes. He gets ass-fucked from behind and whipped with the flogger. Next. Danny is bound by rope while Pierce works him over with the crop and even has some fun with clover clamps on Danny’s soft, pale skin. Finally Danny is suspended with rope at the perfect height for Pierce to stuff his cock in Danny’s sweet mouth before he fucks Danny in the ass.