Pain Makes His Cum Tastier – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Avery Monroe

Master Kane is getting thirsty for that fresh twink cum, but after everything he’s done to cute little Avery in parts 1 and 2, from the nipple pain to the ball punishment, he’s making the final stretch even more intense. The naked boy is brought to the bare bed base and made to lay down on his front, which should have given the boy a clue. With his arms and legs strapped down tight Master can get to work on that perfect pale little arse. The boy is soon wet and being fingered, but you know Master has some good tools for this special task. With toys filling his tight little hole and the flogger slashing down on his bare buttocks the boy is crying out in pain! It’s an intense session, but Avery seems to know they’re going to be a payoff. Indeed, with his arse red and his hole stretched he’s taken to the chair, his cock soon rigid while Master wanks him. Finally the boy is allowed to cum, splashing his load out of his swollen cock, giving Master a taste of the fresh juice. It’s a worthwhile reward, but we know Master will soon be thirsty again.