Pain Makes His Cum Tastier – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Avery Monroe

Poor little Avery endured a lot of nipple play and pain in part 1, but you know Master is nowhere near finished with his pale little redheaded twink. The boy is quickly being roped up again, tighter this time, his little body gripped against the wall. That might not seem like much after everything he’s been through but when those tight little balls are bound up too the pain starts. The sucking and wanking of his cock makes his dick dribble but the pain of slaps and flicks against his nuts makes the hooded boy cry out, just as Master likes. As he adds more weight to the tight rope on Avery’s nuts the discomfort becomes too much to bear! Even sucking the boy’s cock can’t distract him from it. Don’t worry, Master isn’t done with him yet. After a few more humiliating photos and some more sucking of his juicy dick we’re on to round 3.