Pain Makes His Cum Tastier – Part 1


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Avery Monroe

Master has one of his favorite boys to play with. Cute little Avery is back in the chair, naked and hard with excitement for what’s to come. The boy is scared, and he should be, but he knows the Master wants to pleasure that hard young cock and make him cum and he can’t wait. There’s a lot to endure first, of course. Watch as the boy is strapped up to the wall, his naked and smooth body entirely at the mercy of lucky Master Kane while he wanks and sucks the hooded little twink. His cock is so tasty but Master has a lot of plans, including punishing the boy’s nipples with all his suckers and clamps! Avery can cry out all he likes, Master enjoys it. The boy’s sore nipples are soon red, to match the welts on his stomach from the cane. It’s so sad he’s not allowed to cum yet, there’s a lot more for him to endure in part 2.