Over The Cliff’s Edge

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Cliff Jensen, Brody Fox, Van Darkholme

Hard ass Cliff Jensen is bound for the first time in ropes. Van Darkholme has Brody Fox on hand to help him edge this hot piece of man meat. Brody is obsessed with Cliff’s cock. He loves how big it is. Van binds Cliff’s chest and arms before placing a blindfold over Cliff’s eyes. Van cuts away Cliff’s clothes to allow Brody free access to that hard cock. Kissing, licking, stroking, the hand job pushes Cliff to the edge. Cliff is ready to blow his load but Brody is sent away before Van hands him a vibrator. Two vibrators push up against the head of Cliff’s cock. Instead of letting him cum, Van ties Cliff’s ankles and wrists to a wooden scaffold. Brody is back on Cliff’s dick. Deepthroat, all the way down. Van wraps a rope tightly around Cliff’s balls. Now it’s nipple clamps and more vibrators on those tightly wound balls. Brody stops his cock sucking before Cliff can cum. Cliff cries for Brody to milk his hard cock. Not today, sport, at least not yet. Throbbing for relief, Cliff’s thick schlong only gets slapped. Cliff gets suspended by rope so Brody can easily suck on that sweet knob. No relief! Cliff is tied to a bed, totally vulnerable to Brody’s hungry mouth before Van applies a penis pump to really torment Cliff. Brody can’t help himself and straddles Cliff, where his gaping butthole happily consumes Cliff’s throbbing cock. Brody gets what he wants and makes sure to leave his sperm all over Cliff’s belly and chest. Will Cliff get what he wants? Watch the movie and find out.