Noah – Kept For Torture – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah, Axel Johnson

Our little skater boy, Noah, has become a true slave, always naked, always bound, always ready to be tortured and fucked. He lies on the dungeon floor, with only a tiny, thin mat for comfort. He hugs himself for warmth and protection as his master, Axel Johnson, comes in for his nightly fuck. He slaps Noah’s beautiful ass a dozen times then pulls him up on his knees, pushing down on the small of his back. “Stay like that,” he says, grabbing the boy’s leather collar for leverage as he rams his massive, erect cock deep inside Noah’s ass. He fucks Noah like that for an hour, pounding him raw as he moans and gasps. Axel finally pulls out and cums all over Noah’s gaping hole, then rams his still-hard cock back in. He beats the boy’s ass with a paddle and leaves him trembling on the floor, waiting for the next time.