Noah – Kept For Torture – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah

Young Noah, naked and strung up by his wrists, still has a little fight left in him. “Fuck you!” he whispers before spitting at his master, who slaps him hard across the face. Axel is turned on by his slave’s deviance. Noah is terrified when he sees the long, supple bullwhip, immediately regretting his rashness. He knows his master will whip him even harder than he had planned. The first blow across his back makes him jump and cry out. When his ass and back are covered with deep welts, Axel sprays them with alcohol and continues to whip him. Noah screams and gasps as his whole body trembles uncontrollably, his back and stomach stretched, legs spread, asshole quivering. He’s in total agony, and he’s never looked better.