Noah – Kept For Torture – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah

After his crucifixion, Noah spends the night chained, on his back, to a metal gurney, his neck in a steel collar, his ankles chained, his wrists fettered to his thighs. He knows he is being tortured for no other reason than his boyish good looks. He knows he deserves this abuse, but he can’t even imagine what is about to happen. Axel Johnson brings in a car battery and jumper cables. He clips electrodes to the steel chains on either side of Noah’s collar. His eyes widen in horror. Suddenly, electric current surges into his body. His arms and legs jerk uncontrollably. His abs quiver. His back arches off the table as he screams and gasps through a ball gag shoved in his mouth. He’s shocked over and over until there is little left of him but a naked heap of boy flesh.