Noah – Kept For Torture – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah

Axel Johnson explores Noah’s naked body as the slave kneels on all fours, chained to an old mattress. His hands move to the boy’s cock, stroking it. Noah knows he must get hard and ejaculate for this man. He undulates and cries out then cums, not once but twice. Noah thinks he will be rewarded – maybe even let go – but, instead, a rubber ball-gag is shoved in his mouth, and he is strapped to a heavy, wooden cross. He hears a whirl and the cross rises. He is crucified! The strain on his young body is enormous. His hairless armpits form deep shadows. His stomach sucks in hard. His limbs throb as he tries to lift himself. He is in anguish, glistening with sweat. He will suffer like this for hours.