Noah – Kept For Torture – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah

Noah remains bound and naked, in a dark room. He’s on his knees, neck chained to the ceiling, wrists and ankles strapped to an old mattress. He can sit-up and flex, but he can’t get off the mattress or lie down. Even though he likes girls and has never been fucked, he knows his lean body, fine ass and edgy style make him a gay fantasy – the skater boy, the rebel, the rock star. The moment the man touched his bare stomach, hours ago, he knew he’d be here: bound and helpless, freshly whipped, his ass positioned for sex. He might be terrified. He might be trembling in fear. He might be humiliated. But he knows this is his destiny, to be tortured and fucked, then tossed aside.