Noah – Fresh Meat – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared, Noah

Young Noah, delirious from fatigue, has been forced to stand, spread-eagled uncomfortably against a wall, for days. He would have passed out by now, but his tormentor, Jared, has attached electrodes to his penis and the base of his cock and balls. Every several minutes, current flows into his body, making him arch his back and rise up on his toes, moaning seductively, his head thrust back. Still, with a few strokes, his gorgeous, young cock hardens. Jared, bursting with lust, edges the tortured boy for hours. Finally, he brings the exhausted boy to climax, spreads the resulting cum all over his quivering abs then leaves him to hang in agony for hours more. Noah will never be the same.