Noah – Fresh Meat – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared, Noah

Beautiful teen boy Noah is spreadeagled against a concrete wall, naked, roped at his wrists and ankles and around his chest. He has lost track of how many days he’s been held captive, but the lash wounds on his chest and stomach have begun to fade. Jared strokes him hard then lays into hid chest and stomach with a rawhide flogger. Noah’s boyish moans of anguish drive Jared crazy with desire as he gets the teenager hard again. Then he flogs Noah even harder. Noah’s beautiful cock stays hard, even as he cries out in agony. Finally, Jared’s partner ropes the base of Noah’s cock and balls and yanks, arching the boy off the wall. Then he hangs a heavy weight from the noose, leaving Noah to suffer alone for the rest of the day.