Noah – Fresh Meat – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared, Noah

Noah, still in complete darkness behind a blindfold, can’t believe what is happening to him. Six clothespins bite into his nipples. His cock and balls are tightly bound and stretched, roped to the ceiling above him. His smooth torso is marred with dozens of lash marks from a single-tail whip. His tormentor, Jared, flogs his stretched genitals and the rope stretching them, turning them bright red. Noah’s cries get louder and more pained as Jared beats his cock and balls even harder then removes the clothespin and beats his crushed nipples, too. Despite the constant torment, Noah’s cock remains hard and gets harder as Jared edges him for over an hour. When Jared finally lets him cum, Noah busts a load like only an 18-year-old can.