Noah – Fresh Meat – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared, Noah

Poor Noah lies helpless on his back on the X-cross, naked, tight ropes binding him at his wrists and ankles and around his waist. His beautiful, hairless body is crisscrossed with lash-marks from the single-tail whip. Yet his cock is rock hard, after just a few strokes from his tormentor, Jared, whose lust for this perfect teen boy, moaning seductively below him, grows by the minute. Jared whips the youth several more times, making his moans even more seductive but also causing his cock to shrivel. Jared nooses Noah’s cock and balls and pulls them tight, stroking the tortured phallus until it hardens again. Then he clamps the boy’s pink nipples with clothespins and teases his cock and body with a nasty flogger. Noah’s suffering has just begun.