Noah – Fresh Meat – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared, Noah

We all know Jared loves beautiful blond boys, the younger and more naïve the better. He’s been grooming his latest, Noah, for months, selling him weed on credit. The boy, barely 18, has racked-up a huge debt which he must pay with the only asset he has: his body. “OK,” Noah whispers nervously when Jared tells him he will be his slave for a week, roped, fucked and tortured. He won’t get any diseases – the fucking will be with rubber and steel – and the damage to his young flesh won’t be permanent, just painful. The smooth-bodied athlete is blindfolded, roped on his back to an X-cross, wearing an A-shirt and mesh briefs. Suddenly, he feels hands on his body, ripping off his shirt. His chest and stomach are brutally whipped, leaving him gasping, but his cock instantly hardens when Jared, bursting with lust, strokes it.