Noah Evans: Boy Delivered – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Grant Dixon, Noah Evans

A little warning to all you hot, young gay boys out there hoping to make a few bucks on Grindr, looking for a “date” who can “help with rent”: Some guys offering you cash aren’t lonely old men who’ll be happy sucking you off but strapping young men with whips and chains who will abuse you like a piece of meat. That’s what’s happened to beautiful Noah Evans. He was expecting to get picked-up, taken-out to dinner and then have his abs fondled and his cock sucked. Instead, he’s been tortured for days, hung naked by his wrists and flogged, his lean, fit body covered with bruises and welts. Normally, his sex appeal gets him what he wants. Now it gets him nothing but anguish. And – as he’s just noticed – it’s all being filmed. Noah agreed, in a text exchange, “to be used in any way,” and now, after some careful editing, Grant Dixon will post a video of this hot boy being tortured and humiliated, for the whole world to see, and there is nothing Noah can do about it.