Noah Evans: Boy Delivered – Chapter 3


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Grant Dixon, Noah Evans

Grant Dixon is one horny fuck and he loves nothing more than having a tight-bodied muscle-twink bound and helpless in his dungeon. “You are one hot piece of ass,” Grant says, his arm around Noah Evan’s neck, pulling him back so his body arches over the pillory’s horizontal bar. “Please…” Noah begs, his eyes wide as saucers, as Grant slowly pours the searing hot wax pooled at the top of a burning pillar-candle onto his naked body. The poor boy whimpers through his ball gag and squirms in pain as stream after stream of hot wax decorates his chest and abs. Grant, totally turned on, grabs the boy’s cock, strokes it, then swallows the massive thing whole, making it swell to at least nine inches. Noah looks terrified, knowing this man’s lust for his hot body and big cock means he has so much more suffering to endure.