Noah Evans – Boy Delivered – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah Evans

Young Noah Evans, desperate for cash after losing his income as a dancer and performer, agrees to be delivered to a rich man as his sex toy. But instead of sucking a little cock or getting fucked, Noah is thrown in a trunk, driven somewhere hours away, dragged into a garage and locked in a wooden pillory by another young man, dressed in black jeans and a T-shirt, who seems to enjoy nothing more than making Noah scream in pain. “Look at that fine ass,” Grant Dixon says, stroking and biting Noah’s bright-red ass cheeks then beating them even harder with his leather paddle. “Please, you’re hurting me. Leave me alone,” Noah begs. Grant does leave him alone – bent over and bound in the dark, in agony, for hours. Come morning, Noah is bound standing, completely naked, bolted upright in the same pillory, his cock erect. Today, his pecs and abs will be burned with hot wax.