Noah Evans – Anonymous Top – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah Evans

“Bitch!” Noah screams at the young man whipping him, his fear and frustration growing in equal measure. The pain is so intense Noah is losing his mind, switching between anger and whimpering submission. The man in black has positioned a wooded block under Noah’s midsection, stretching his asshole and forcing his ass up in the air, making it that much more painful to beat from all angles. Noah’s back and ass are bright red from the steady, hard whipping with a suede flogger. The man switches to a finished leather flogger that delivers sharper, even more painful blows – and hits Noah harder. The slave is nearly delirious with pain, gasping, his athletic body shuttering. When the man finally steps back, Noah gasps then sobs silently. “Please…” he begs but the flogging starts again.