Noah Evans – Anonymous Top – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Noah Evans

Naked and helpless, pretty boy Noah Evans drifts in and out of consciousness only to find himself in a different stress position every time he wakes up. He is now flat on his back, arms chained over his head, ankles spread. His abs flutter under their light covering of hair. He sees the device between his legs: a rigged dildo attached to a piston – a fuck machine, pointed right at his asshole! He moans in terror, looking around the dark room. Suddenly he feels his legs being lifted, spreading his cheeks. The man in black walks out of the shadows and pushes the dildo up close. “Why are you doing this?” Noah pleads. The man flips a switch. Noah screams, throwing his head back. It’s like being fucked by a jack hammer. And it doesn’t stop for hours.