New Boy Jesse Gets A Stern Lesson – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Jesse Evans

Young Jesse has almost reached the end of his welcome to the BoyNapped family, but Master Sebastian isn’t done yet. After a severe flogging, some harsh ball pain and an incredible peg session, Jesse is still desperate to cum, and Master is finally ready to let him in this special finish to his 4K experience. Tied down to the plank and soon in position, his legs spread and his big dick there for working on, Jesse gets his meat slathered with shaving foam. It’s a great lube for an incredible edging, which the young man soon discovers as Master’s hands work his long dick and cum-filled balls. The boy moans and whimpers as those hands slide all over his bulging cock, making him writhe until his cum starts to splash! No doubt the young man needed that, he pumps a hot load out that Master enjoys playing with, then it’s time to make him squirm some more while he strokes that sensitive dick and shaves the boy clean! I think we all know he’s gonna be back for more exploring soon enough.