Never Have I Ever: Chris Damned and Jay Tee

Actors: Jay Tee, Chris Damned

Chris Damned and Jay Tee head inside to escape the hot weather. Bored, they play a game called ‘Never Have I Ever’, and the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Jay loses the game and Chris makes Jay follow him into the bedroom.
Chris ties Jay up with rope, puts a blindfold over his eyes, and positions him on his knees. Chris hits Jay’s ass with a crop, a wooden paddle, a flogger, and his bare hands. Chris shoves his big hard cock down Jays throat and Jay sucks it with enthusiasm.
Jay gets flipped over onto his back and Chris pounds his hairless pink asshole raw. Back on his hands and knees, Jay gets his asshole fucked hard until Chris shoots a huge load across Jay’s back.