Naughty Neon

Actors: Roman Todd, Zac Snow

Pup Neon (Zac Snow) is caged up and desperate for naughty attention from his handler, Roman Todd. After opening the cage, Pup Neon runs out and buries his face in Roman’s crotch while Roman gives him barehanded spanks. Seeing how much Pup Neon is loving the attention, Roman commands him to get into his favorite position so he continue spanking his ass. Enjoying every second of punishing his pup’s ass, Roman proceeds to remove his belt and use it to deliver even harder slaps. Pup Neon takes his spanking so well that Roman briefly rewards him by allowing his pup to worship his muscles. Next, Pup Neon has his hands cuffed above him while on his knees on top of his cage. Roman wants to use his favorite toy on his pup, the electric wand, to shock Pup Neon’s skin. Pup Neon’s cock gets rock hard from the electro-shocking and Roman teases his cock but denies him from cumming just yet. Finally, Pup Neon is on his hands and knees so that Roman can stretch out his pup hole with an enormous dildo. Wanting to take the stretching even farther, Roman uses a suction plug on Pup Neon’s asshole before fucking it. After being such an obedient pup for his handler, Roman allows Pup Neon to jerk to cum.