My Hole To Use: Christian Wilde And Logan Aarons

Actors: Christian Wilde, Logan Aarons

Christian Wilde has a treat waiting for him in his dungeon. Stuffed inside a small metal cage ishot stud specimen Logan Aarons. Logan is led out of the cage by a leash. Today Logan will onlybe known as Slave number 120. His cock has been in its own little cage, tightly constrained,balls aching. Mr. Wilde starts with a leather paddle, using it on 120’s stomach, chest, nipples.Those sensitive nipples. 120 is told to kneel, face down, ass up. Christian likes what he sees,juicy muscle ass. He paddles 120’s ass and can’t resist rimming that delicious asshole. Wildedoesn’t spare the paddle on 120’s ass, beating his ass until 120 can’t stay in position. Wildeallows 120 to suck his cock as a reward. That is only a warmup before 120 finds himself strapped to a chair. Bit gag in his mouth. Head held firmly in place. Mr. Wilde has himself somefun with the zapper on 120’s studly body. After enduring the zapper, Christian finally unlocks thecage around 120’s cock. Freedom at last. Christian strokes and sucks 120’s cock to bring it back to life. Now we find out why the electrodes are attached to 120’s thighs. Wilde inserts a butt plug up 120s ass for a little Electrical play. The next torment for 120 is to have his wrists shackled to a metal bar, ankles chained to the floor. Leather blindfold so no way to see what Mr.Wilde will do next. Now it’s time for the flogger. 120 takes the flogger like a man, and Christian can’t wait to fuck that ass. 120 takes a hard ass pounding and is rewarded by a mouthful of Mr.Wilde’s cock. Christian blows his load across 120’s face. Then it’s back in the cage until nexttime.